Are you from the millennial generation... a 20 to 30 something, that has been actively working toward your dreams of the ideal life?

Did you check off the boxes that you were told would bring you success.... you know:

  • Graduate high school - CHECK
  • Work towards some higher education - CHECK
  • Find a job that will pay your bills - CHECK

But, have you found that you are still searching for more? Searching for what makes you... you? Are you still trying to carve out your space in the world? Maybe even still trying to find the best way to express who you are, your ideals, and contribute to society in ways you find meaningful? If you answered yes, to any of those questions, then you will want to read more.

The ability to maintain growth, has a lot to do with our ability to engage freedom.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to start their dream life off right. To do this, we often need freedom to explore and express ourselves. Start off by considering where you are and if you have the ability to do so. Start, by asking where your exploration begins. Are you living in your parents home, where who you are is represented in a single room? Or maybe in an apartment where it is represented inside of your allotted walls only? While there is nothing wrong with either of these scenarios, how much more freedom and exploration do you think you would have inside and outside of your own home, in a neighborhood that you have chosen? The possibilities instantly grow.

Many millennials are starting to look at becoming home owners BUT worry about the financial side.

What does being a homeowner look like? How do you gain the proper education? What help is available for First Time Homebuyers with Limited, No Credit or Poor Credit? Who can assist you in accomplishing your goal of securing your new home to make it all your own without breaking the bank?

There are special real estate agents available to walk you through the process:

The JC Realty Team of Novi, Michigan is a team of expert agents that have made it their priority to aid you in your search for, education of and securing your first home. They are familiar with a variety of Down Payment Assistance Programs that cover up to the full cost of your down payment and closing costs. And also offer Credit Repair options to build your credit score to help you qualify. They are here for you to make your dream home a reality.

They work on your behalf, so that you don't have to worry and will negotiate the best deals with sellers to help you head toward the life of freedom you deserve.

So, if you have decided to Start your New Life, Here is Where it Begins!

JC Realty Team: 248.692.4755


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