If you are in the market for that new dream home, let Keller Williams JC Realty Team help you.

Four reasons to buy now:

1: INVENTORY IS HIGH - Right now there is a large selection of prime real estate available to you. No matter the size or the price range, there are a great deal of homes, condominiums, etc. that are promising to become yours. Let us set you up with a MLS search that will show you all of the amazing properties just waiting for you to call home. 

2: INTEREST RATES ARE EXPECTED TO CLIMB SOON - Get in before the rates rise. When interest rates rise, so will your mortgage payments. The economy is predicting that our joy of low interest rates is soon to expire, when this happens the value you can get for your money will change drastically. So if you are seriously considering that needed move, don't wait any longer. 

3: ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE - If you are a renter that has not owned a home in the last three years there are wonderful programs available that can help you by covering the costs of your down payment and/or closing fees. This means that you can finally stop throwing money out the window every month and instead put it toward equity in a property that you own. 

4: The Keller Williams JC Realty Team is eagerly awaiting to help you through the process. You will have a dedicated to team to walk with you as you complete the steps toward your new home. We are your Neighborhood Buying and Selling Agents... Let us help you move into your dream home.